Location & getting to the 4-star Hotel Krone in Bressanone, South Tyrol


Having booked your stay at the Hotel Krone in Bressanone, Italy, you will of course want to get here by the easiest route. We are always happy to provide help in addition to the following travel information.
With 4 wheels
From the A22 Brenner motorway take the Brixen/Bressanone exit (north of the city) or the Klausen/Chiusa exit (south of the city). To reach our hotel in the centre of Bressanone, enter “Romstrasse/via Roma” in your satnav device and follow the instructions or the signposts. At the end of Via Roma, ignore the traffic-restricted signs and continue some 30 metres past Piazza Hartmann towards the Grosser Graben/Bastioni Maggiori, then turn left where you will see the large sign of the Hotel Krone on the façade to your right.
Once you arrive, simply leave your car in the temporary parking area by the entrance and come straight to reception. We will do the rest.
With 2 wheels
Do you want to come to Bressanone and our Bike Hotel Krone in South Tyrol’s Isarco Valley? Here is an interesting route for cyclists:
whether coming from the north or the south, take the cycle path along the River Isarco to the Adlerbrücke/Ponte Aquila bridge in the city centre. Turn into the Adlerbrückengasse/Via Ponte Aquila and cycle through the old town to Piazza Hartmann, where you will see the large sign on the façade of the Hotel Krone on your right. Best of all, you can ride your bike through all of Bressanone’s traffic-restricted streets and squares.
Any more questions?!?
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Via Fienili 4 · I-39042 · Bressanone South Tyrol
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