Brixen Lifestyle

To be more exact, you first have to “sniff out” Brixen – best done from our terrace at the Hotel Krone, relaxing with a glass of beer in your hand, watching the people go by. The Krone’s bar and restaurant are also popular with locals, with the mixture of German and Italian culture and language that characterises South Tyrol.

But is there more to the Brixen lifestyle? Yes indeed! It is much more exciting, genuine, both quiet and loud, as well as curious: for example take a stroll on a Saturday morning through the arcades. Look here and there in the small shops, but don’t turn your nose up at the extravagant boutiques, as shopping for a chic dress here is completely different from picking one off a department store rail. The Grosser Graben forms an ideal promenade, or just saunter along the arcades. Enjoy a sparkling “Hugo” as an aperitivo at one of the bars, sit in the sun and listen to the sounds of live music... the dolce vita in miniature.