Nostalgia and joie de vivre

Some focus on the historical wealth of Brixen that can be encountered at every step in the streets and squares of the old town. For others it is the fact that Brixen manages so superbly to combine the austere style of the former bishopric with its modern, enjoyable lifestyle. And it is precisely this mixture that I love about my Brixen!

Sauntering across the square in front of the cathedral, seeing the pink cherry blossom; will there perhaps be a concert? Now, with sunglasses and sunshine, an ice cream would be ideal! No problem. Or perhaps step through the heavy wooden door into the cathedral? Breathe in the air with its slight scent of incense, cool even in summer, then stop for a silent moment, overwhelmed by the magnificent Baroque church art.

I am always amazed when I head towards the iron bridge at the end of the lively street of the Adlerbrückengasse. This is where people and dogs, bikers and joggers, can get out and about into the great outdoors, the meadows and forests, along the riverbank or through the vineyards that lead up into the mountains, where adventure awaits.

Right after the bridge begins Stufels, the oldest part of Brixen. It has been densely populated since Roman times and is virtually unchanged even after centuries. It is an insider’s tip for lovers of art and city strolling. A few hundred metres further on, at the end of the green Rapp gardens, the waters of the Eisack and Rienz rivers meet, and from now on flow together. An almost symbolic importance, I think.

But now join me as I show you Brixen’s lifestyle scene, best done on foot with like-minded people. A wonderful place for strolling.