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The ideal seminar room for your business at the City Hotel Krone in the centre of Bressanone

The air-conditioned conference room of the Hotel Krone in South Tyrol can accommodate 25 people. With its large, darkened glass façades and modern technical equipment, our conference room is one of the finest in and around Brixen. Its central location makes the Hotel Krone in Brixen the perfect place for any kind of seminar, meeting, conference or coaching event... with the added attraction of the old town ambience, as you pleasantly stroll among the lively activity.
(100 metres from the hotel)
Meeting and conference rooms in the Forum Brixen cultural centre
For events of over 35 people we can arrange a bespoke meeting package for you at the Forum Brixen cultural centre.
The Forum Brixen cultural centre offers lots of wood and glass, a historic architecture of new design, spacious foyers and plenty of room in the covered outdoor area, creating a first-class ambience and working climate.
It features six multi-functional, air-conditioned event rooms with flexible partitions and space for up to 1,200 people, two spacious foyers, a kitchen and bar over two floors totalling 2,000 square metres. All the technical elements, including barrier-free access, are in place for seminars and conferences, business events or conferences, theatre productions or concerts.
I’m so excited that you are coming to visit us!
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