Relaxed after a session in the hotel spa, or just back exhausted after a mountaineering expedition? Either way a delightful dinner at the Krone will round off the day, whether you have spent hours in a meeting or been on a shopping tour of the city centre. The night is young and the menu promises treats for all tastes. The ambience is inviting and the chef – as always at this time – is in top form.

From 18:00 to 22:00 (sunday closed)

“Tirtlen” | spinach | sour cabbage  8
Tartar | tuna fish | mint | hummus | soya | wasabi      13
Vegetables wan tan | sweet-sour tomato sauce      10
Mixed salad | grilled turkey | yogurt dressing | parmesan flakes       14
Mixed salad | tomatoes | shrimps | nuts | cocktail sauce      16
Chestnut cream soup | bacon crumble      8
Chantarelles dumplings | local game sauce      14
Tagliolini noodles | raw ham | date tomatoes| truffle | white wine sauce      14
Pumpkin ravioli | curry foam | apple brunoise      12
Slices of  beef | potato rösti | rocket | tomato confit | parmesan       20
Deer gulasch | celery puree | red cabbage| red cranberries       15
Stewed squid and shrimps | potatoes | peas | tomatoes       16

Pizza from the wood oven

Marinara Tomatoes | garlic | origano | basil     6
Margherita Tomatoes | mozzarella | basil     7
Napoli Tomatoes | mozzarella | anchovys     8
Diavola Tomatoes | mozzarella | spicy salami | lombard peppers     10
Calzone Mozzarella | ham | mushrooms | tomatoes     10
Filoncino Classico Tomatoes | mozzarella | ham | Brie     11
Vegetariana Tomatoes | mozzarella | asparagus | aubergines | spinach | zucchini | mais     12
Bufala Tomatoes | buffalo mozzarella | basil     12
Bufala Tirolese Tomatoes | buffalo mozzarella | tyrolian speck | Parma cheese | basil leaves     12
Burratona Tomatoes | burrata cheese | tyrolian speck | onions | smoked sausage | egg     15
Mrs. Pepper Tomatoes | peppers | zucchini | baby tomatoes | rocket     12     
Fungaiolo Tomatosauce | champignons | cherry tomatoes |zucchini | rocket     12
San Daniele Tomatoes | mozzarella | row ham | basil     12
Krone Tomatoes | mozzarella | raw ham | pesto | burrata cheese | basil     14
Cacciatore Tomatoes | mozzarella | gamesauce | parmesan chips | rocket     15

All-round winner

In addition to our regional, innovative gourmet treats, we “round off” our array of cuisine with yet another pinnacle of culinary perfection: A circle of mouth-watering dough, shaped by hand and baked to crispy perfection in a wood-fired oven. Can you guess what it is? That’s right – it’s pizza! And not the usual variety that you generally find on menus in these parts either: Our pizza is the stuff of legend, as is our "pizzaiuolo", pizza-maker extraordinaire and master of the great Neapolitan art of the “pizzaiuolo,” an art form of such intricacy that it holds UNESCO World Heritage status. Sergio uses nothing but his bare hands to twirl the soft, supple dough after it has rested for long enough to allow its yeast enzymes to unfold to their full potential. And that’s precisely why our irresistible Neapolitan pizza with its distinctively thick, fluffy crust is so light and easy on the stomach. And why does it taste so good and look so fabulous? Well, that’s all down to the "pizzaiuolo"! His principles are as well-rounded as the Neapolitan pizza itself: Only the very best of ingredients are good enough. Three cheers for fresh, seasonal produce! And, let us not forget the immense passion which he infuses into the fragrance, the colour and the tastes, bringing them together as a masterful composition atop the round dough. That’s what makes our Neapolitan pizza an all-round winner. You have to try it to believe it!