Difference in height:
Start point:
Brixen (Vitalhotel Goldene Krone)
Arrival point:
Brixen (Vitalhotel Goldene Krone)
An easy tour which drives past many little lakes and one big artifi cial lake. Nearly only on byroads, the itinerary is the ideal start for a longer mountain bike holiday! Starting from the Hotel Krone in Brixen/Bressanone towards north and on the east side of the Eisack river follow gravel road no. 16-16a, then drive past Hotel Alter Pacher, the rifl e range and restaurant Steinraffler. From there towards Raas/Rasa and continue along the town road with sign no. 4. After having covered some meters on the right follow the bluewhite sign of the gravel road. Drive past the little lakes Raiermoos, Speichel and Laugen until Natz/Naz. Cross the town and continue on the gravel road. At the intersection towards Viums/Fiumes, continue on the right to the cross of Viums/Fiumes. Downhill right in the impressive Rienz gorge, cross the river and continue the trail until Vill. Go straight on the town road, turn left at the residential area Edelweiß and continue on gravel road no. 7 and then downhill until Mühlbach/Rio di Pusteria, a mercantile town. From Mühlbach/Rio di Pusteria continue on the bike path towards Brixen/Bressanone. After a short uphill turn right and follow sign no. 9a. After a short stretch on the road continue again on gravel road and follow sign no. 8a to Aicha/Aica. Go to the artifi cial lake Franzensfeste/Fortezza and along the east coast to Franzensfeste/Fortezza. From there on bike path to Brixen/Bressanone. After having covered some kilometers turn right on gravel road no. 1 towards lake Varna and then to Vahrn/Varna. From Vahrn/Varna follow sign no. 2 to the war cemetery. At the end return in the city to the Hotel Krone. Alex recommends: A tour for cyclists who love lakes! Along the lakes and the artifi cial lake of Franzensfeste/Fortezza you will find some place for a break! General tour data: Mountain bike-area: Naz e Dolomiti Diffi culty grade: easy Itinerary length: 39,9 km Height difference: 945 m Travel time: 3,5 h Riding technique Uphill: easy Riding technique Downhill: easy