Difference in height:
Start point:
Brixen (Vitalhotel Goldene Krone)
Arrival point:
Brixen (Vitalhotel Goldene Krone)
A long and hard tour through the Schalderer valley and uphill to Refuge Latzfons. There you can enjoy an unique panorama of the surrounding mountains. Then a long and variied downhill until Brixen/Bressanone. The whole itinerary on unpaved tracks and byroads. Starting from the Hotel Krone in Brixen/Bressanone towards north until the hospital and then on gravel road no. 2 towards Vahrn/Varna. Continue on gravel road no. 5 alongside the river Schalders. After some kilometers left to Kinigadner/Lahner and uphill on Kälberberg (1.920 m). Follow sign no. 4 to the mountain pass Schaleders (2.324 m). At the next intersection left (no. 13) and then follow sign no. 7 towards Refuge Latzfonser Kreuz. Downhill on the gravel road no. 17 to Refuge Klausen/Chiusa and continue until the parking area Garner Wetterkreuz. After a short stretch on gravel road and along the blue-white sign towards Oberschnauders / Snodres di Sopra. Turn left and continue on trail no. 9 (in part road / in part unpaved track) driving past Stilums until Gereuth/Caredo. Downhill until the road to Tils and then return to Brixen/Bressanone on gravel road no. 8-10. Alex recommends: Taste the different gastronomic specialties on the refuges Latzfonser Kreuz or Klausen/Chiusa before you return to Brixen/Bressanone! Don‘t forget your bathing suit! Lake Vahrn is worth a dive! Take with you a camera to immortalize the beautiful view of the Kälberberg and the mountain pass Schalders! General tour data: Mountain bike-area: Naz e Dolomiti Diffi culty grade: strong Itinerary length: 50 km Height difference: 2100 m Travel time: 6,5 ore/h Riding technique Uphill: strong Riding technique: Downhill: midle