Difference in height:
Start point:
Brixen (Vitalhotel Goldene Krone)
Arrival point:
Brixen (Vitalhotel Goldene Krone)
A tour with average diffi culty grade. A long daily tour, but without challenging riding technique. Uphill on gravel road and after having reached the highest point (a beautiful panorama is waiting) a not very easy single-trail. Downhill again crossing Spingen/Spinga and Vahrn/Varna until Brixen/Bressanone on byroad. Starting from the Hotel Krone in Brixen/Bressanone towards north on the trail no. 15 to Oberdorf. Continue on trail T, drive past Hotel Alter Pacher toward restaurant Steinraffl er. Turn left and follow the gravel road no. 8 to Schabs/Sciaves. Continue on the main road and cross the bridge, continue to Hotel Sonneck. Continue on gravel road no. 9, turn left at the fi rst intersection and follow sign no. 9a to the chapel Urlaubstöckl. Uphill and at the second intersection on gravel road right. Follow the blue-white sign to the summit cross. Uphill following sign no. 9 to restaurant Jochtal. Left to Hinterberg and over the Ochsenalm to Stoanamandl summit (2.118 m). Downhill on the miners‘ trail and follow the red-white sign to the bridge Witzbrücke. Downhill on the trail Sarnweg. Near a spring turn left to farmstead Schweiger. On the road turn left and then right on the gravel road. Follow sign no. 6 to Hotel Hofer. Continue on sign no. 7 towards Mühlbach/Rio di Pusteria and follow the bike path towards Brixen / Bressanone. After a short uphill right follow the gravel road, turn and follow sign 9a to the chapel Urlaubstöckl. From the road turn left and after a curve left again, continue on a gravel road and follow sign no. 8a until the main road. Cross the road and at the dumping downhill to Rigger valley. Follow sign no. 8 until the fi rst bridge before the hill Nössing-Bühel. Cross the Eisack river and follow the trail T to Neustift / Novacella. After the monastery of Neustift uphill, cross the main road and continue on trail no. 16 until the starting point Hotel Krone in Brixen/Bressanone. General tour data: Mountain bike-area: Naz e Dolomiti Diffi culty grade: medium Itinerary length: 48,6 km Height difference: 1701 m Travel time: 4,5 h Riding technique Uphill: medium Riding technique Downhill: medium