Difference in height:
Start point:
Brixen (Vitalhotel Goldene Krone)
Arrival point:
Brixen (Vitalhotel Goldene Krone)
One day tour with average diffi culty grade on byroads. Biking through 3 valleys, and at the end unique downhill in the Rienz gorge. Starting from the Hotel Krone in Brixen/Bressanone towards east, cross the river Rienz follow gravel road no. 9 to Albeins/Albes. On the town road alongside the Aferer river following the red-white sign and uphill the Aferer valley. At Schmied, follow the gravel road 10 until the parking area (Fistil Boden). From there follow the road. Then on gravel road red-white sign. At the next intersection left and follow sign 4-8 to Refuge Enzianhütte. Then uphill following the red-white sign until the road and follow sign no. 1 to Lüsen/Luson. Cross the industrial area, at the next intersection (bus stop) turn right and follow the road towards farmstead Niederst. Downhill until Rienz gorge, cross the Rienz river and continue until Natz/Naz. Follow the road no. 31 to Elvas. On the road no. 147 return to Brixen/Bressanone. Alex recommends: After the downhill from Refuge Enzianhütte you can have a break at Refuge Kalkofen (1.710 m) where you can visit the „Kalkofen“ (oven where calcareous stone were fi red). A highlight is for sure the downhill to farmstead Niederst and the Rienz gorge! Don‘t miss the exciting view over the Rienz gorge. Mountain bike-area: Naz e Dolomiti Diffi culty grade: media Itinerary length: 49 km Height difference: 2400 m Travel time: 6 ore/h Riding technic Uphill: media Riding technic Downhill: media